4 Things I'd like to Achieve Before I'm 30

2 weeks ago was my birthday. Turning 27 felt good; it feels like it's going to be a good year going forward. I feel more confident with myself and life. The stress of wedding planning is long gone and we've been able to relax and enjoy married life. It feels like its going to be a busy, fun but also chilled and more comforting year.

Current Favourites IV

I haven't done any favourites in such a long time; not since some time before Christmas I think. Life is busy but I'm embracing home life more. I love being at home and with the weather in Devon doing nothing but raining since November it's no hard feat to do nothing but turn the heating on, diving under the blankets and staying in. With my hibernating, it's pretty reflective that all my current favourites are home based.

Visit:: Lady Liberty

There's something quite spectacular about seeing the Statue of Liberty up close. A little intimidating (it's the eyes) but somewhat magical. I always think about people coming to the city for the first time, ready to start a new life. How they must have felt seeing her for the first time- the excitement, tension, nerves.